8 Creative Ways to Use A String Quartet At Your Wedding

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We have enjoyed all of the different requests we’ve received over the years. From custom arrangements to incorporating other instrumentation, we’ve seen a lot of different requests from brides and grooms. Here are 8 Creative Ways to Use A String Quartet At Your Wedding 1. Customised Arrangements  We can  arrange our own music, exactly how you […]


Why is the Pachelbel Canon in D so popular at weddings?

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We must confess to having pinched this blog article from “16 Strings” but thought they did a pretty good job of summing it up! http://www.16-strings.com/blog/canon-d-popular-wedding-song/#more-821 The Canon in D by Pachelbel is perhaps one of the most well-known songs used during wedding ceremonies. Some people feel that it is overused, to the point where listeners […]

Our Friends on the Island

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Which Island? On this occasion we are talking about the Isle of Wight. There are some really great venues over there that we get asked to play at.Southsea isn’t that far from the Isle of Wight and we are happy to go over there for an event.However, from experience, we find that no matter how […]

My friend wants to do some music at our wedding – can they join up with you?

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We know that musically minded friends often want to contribute something personal to your wedding ceremony. This is great, and we welcome this! We have accompanied vocalists, flautists, pianists and guitarists who have been friends of the couple.Our main consideration when joining forces with someone else is this: are they comfortable to perform with us […]