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5 Tips For Booking A Wedding String Quartet

Hiring a string quartet for your wedding can add a touch of something special to your big day. Here are 5 Tips For Booking A Wedding String Quartet

1. Book Early 

In the excitement of booking all of the other elements for your wedding, from the venue, and caterers, through to the photographer, don’t forget to book your musicians as early. We’ll get booked up months, often years in advance and it benefits you to book early. Why ? You’ll benefit from this year’s prices (probably), and we’ll be able to put your wedding date in all of our diaries so you get the best players, and you have the greatest chance of us being available! This is ESPECIALLY the case for those popular summer wedding weekends (first one after the school summer terms ends is a classic!)

2. Go Direct

This one probably won’t make us popular with all of those agencies out there, but booking directly means you get the best price as there is no mark-up. You’ll also get to liaise directly with us, cutting out the middle man. To be honest, here at TBQ, we very rarely work with agencies as we prefer to liaise directly with brides and grooms ourselves for the personal touch!

5 Tips For Booking A Wedding String Quartet

3. Request the music YOU want 

We can arrange nearly anything for string quartet. If there is something you really love, ask us. Even if we don’t have it on our repertoire list, we’ll be able to arrange it for you. Don’t think that booking classical musicians means formal and inflexible. We are equally as comfortable playing Bach as we are playing Ed Sheeran.

4. Longer Bookings Are More Economical 

The first hour of our booking is higher as this represents our ‘minimum’ fee. So, if you only book us for one hour, it is kind of less economical than booking us for three. THink about how much of your wedding day you’d like us there for. Most of our booking tend to be for three hours – this covers ceremony and drinks reception comfortably.

5. Don’t Worry About Travel

Some couples worry that booking a string quartet means they won’t be able to change venues. But, this is not the case. We are highly portable! We often play at the ceremony in one venue, and then move to another venue for the drinks reception (e.g. if there is a church ceremony for instance.) Travel time between venues will be included in our time and our quote.

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