A Beautiful Wedding At Home

We played at a lovely wedding where the couple had decided to do things their own way and have A Beautiful Wedding At Home. The great news is that their garden happened to be a lovely, spacious farm with fields, barns and plenty of space.

We set up underneath the trees in the wedding blessing area, and admired the hay bales, benches and very natural, rustic feel to it. We played¬†Concerning Hobbits from The Lord Of The Rings for the bridal entrance which had a wonderful folky air to it. While the couple signed their wedding blessing documents we played Bach’s Air in G. The couple then exited via a confetti strewn procession while we played the theme tune to Fawlty Towers,¬†as requested by the bride & groom.

IMG_20160514_131835354 IMG_20160514_122556295 IMG_20160514_122538348 IMG_20160514_122530418 IMG_20160514_122514395

It was a beautiful sunny day and we enjoyed our time playing some of our favourites for the guests while they enjoyed champers in the sunshine.

Thank you for booking us Shelly & Shane!