What would you like us to record next?

If you haven’t had the pleasure already – checkout our ‘listen’ page on our website. On there we’ve got Lady Gaga, The Killers, The Kinks… as well as Karl Jenkins, Delibes, Bach, Pachelbel … But the burning question on everyone’s lips is – what will TBQ record next? Well, you tell us! What would like […]

A glimpse of the future

We recently blogged about how we are looking forward to a quartet future of playing off tablets instead of using our quartet folders. It’s great to see orchestras such as the Brussels Philharmonic be one of the first to experiment in this area. The more big orchestras give this a go, the more developments will […]

Sheets & Tablets

Sheets vs Tablet? We love a bit of technology at TBQ Towers. After recently busting our quartet gig back because of the sheer volume of sheet music we now cart around with us to bookings, we’ve been having a look around on the internet for an electronic alternative. Our hope was that, with tablets and […]

Filming in a Chapel

Jon from Sonic Artists got in touch with us recently to ask if we would be willing to commit our quartet tunes to film. They were putting together a pitch to win a contract to supply all of the entertainment for a major venue in the south, and thought a string quartet was an essential […]

TBQ collaborate with FFC

Wow that’s a lot of acronyms! What does it mean? This weekend we had the pleasure of playing not once, but twice with the amazing Freestyle Funk Collective! (Well, three times if you count the rehearsal!) For those not in the know, FFC are a talented funk band based in Portsmouth (and available for public […]

Where do we get our pop music from?

We have an ever growing and vast repertoire of pop music now for string quartet. We’ve been so impressed with how much this has taken off in recent years. Not only is it really fun for us to play, but our listeners seem to enjoy it too! Win win! Much of our pop repertoire is […]