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Filming in a Chapel

Jon from Sonic Artists got in touch with us recently to ask if we would be willing to commit our quartet tunes to film. They were putting together a pitch to win a contract to supply all of the entertainment for a major venue in the south, and thought a string quartet was an essential element to any successful pitch. We completely agreed naturally!

So, we went along to The Old Chapel Studios in Nutbourne, a lovely little converted chapel that is now set up for use solely as a recording studio. No more worshipping in there, just lots and lots of cables and lights and sound equipment!

We set up and recorded a few different pieces that we are often asked to play at functions. We didn’t have much time so we didn’t linger on our pieces too much – one take, and we were done! I hope we remembered to smile and be visual as well, for the film, rather than just concentrating on our music!

Please check back to the blog soon for uploads of some of our footage. Fortunately, they didn’t send us any outtakes…

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