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Gilbert White’s House

It’s unusual to find a venue which is named after a person – and that’s what Gilbert White’s House is. It prompted us to find out all about Gilbert White and why his house was so important. Read on to find out how we enjoyed playing at the Wagstaff Wedding!


We enjoyed playing at a venue we’d never played at before, this Saturday. We played for the wedding of Mr & Mrs Wagstaff at Gilbert White’s House & Gardens, near Alton. If, like us, you’ve ever seen the brown signs directing to Gilbert White’s House and wondered who Gilbert White is, you may find the below useful!

Who is Gilbert White?

Gilbert White FRS (18 July 1720 – 26 June 1793) was a “parson-naturalist“, a pioneering English naturalist and ornithologist. He remained unmarried and a curate all his life. He is best known for his Natural History and Antiquities of Selborne

The house and gardens are beautiful, and for the wedding, a marquee was installed in the gardens. THe couple were so lucky with the weather considering the day before it had been raining. A wedding in a field has the risk of becoming a wedding in mud under these circumstances, but the rain held off for the lucky couple!


Anna came prepared all the same, will wellie boots – and was creating a whole new look for us – a quartet set for the festival scene perhaps?



We enjoyed playing the selections of the couple – from Foo Fighters to Adele – a very contemporary mix and we were happy to oblige!

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