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Outside Ceremony at Rhinefield House

We enjoyed playing for the wedding of Mr and Mrs Russell on 1st June 2014 for an Outside Ceremony at Rhinefield House.

We have played at Rhinefield House many many times before, in all seasons; summer, spring, snow, autumn etc. (See our previous posts here and here)

We normally play up in the Minstrels Gallery in the main ceremony room. This is a gallery which allows us a view of the proceedings in the ceremony, yet allows us to remain a bit hidden.

The Outside Ceremony

On Sunday we did something  a little different – an outdoors ceremony. There is a little archway down in the grounds of the house which means that registrars can performs their documentation under cover, as per the rules. And so we enjoyed playing for guests with the wonderful scenic view of Rhinefield House in the background. Simply lovely!


After a few grey clouds blew away just before the ceremony, fortunately the ceremony went ahead outside, phew!

After we had packed up and the guests had gathered for their receiving line into the dining room, we enjoyed some strawberries and cream out on the terrace. There are plenty of perks to this kind of work!

Outside Ceremony at Rhinefield House

Outside Ceremony at Rhinefield House

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