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String Quartet at Bury Court Barn

We recently provided our lovely wedding String Quartet at Bury Court Barn, near Farnham in Hampshire. On a chilly day in February, Anna, Amy, Ruth and Sophie headed over to the beautiful wedding venue for some fun string quartet playing!

This was one of the first weddings of the year for us to do our string quartet at Bury Court Barn, in February. We find that although more and more couples are opting for a winter wedding, still the summer is busy busy busy. But we really enjoy winter weddings, something about getting all dressed up, and all cozy – many of the wedding venues we play at have lovely lighting to create a gorgeous winter ambiance.

Bury Court Barn – The Venue

Bury Court Barn is a venue we’d not all played at before, so it was great to explore new territory. We enjoyed playing our music in the ceremony and also afterwards during the receiption drinks. The bride and groom had requested a piece of music by Bocherrini which appears in the film Master and Commander, so we were delighted to oblige.

You can listen to it here:

We were delighted when our Bride and Groom did a little interview with us and told us more about them as a couple. You can read it here :

String Quartet at Bury Court Barn

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