Armed Forces

String Quartet on Thorney Island

Armed Forces

We spent our Friday night playing our String Quartet on Thorney Island. We were booked to play during drinks and dinner for a small group of around 30, and we were delighted to see that they had taken us up on th eir idea of  TBQ Jukebox. Sometimes, we are a little unsure of how modern our repertoire can be at a formal mess dinner, so it was great to get guidance from the guests themselves as to what repertoire they wanted to hear!

Straightaway the requests came in for Kings of Leon “Sex on Fire”, Nirvana “Smells Like Teen Spirit” and AC/DC (which we didn’t get time to play this time, next time perhaps!). So, we knew we were in for a fun night, and we got the chance to play all of our rock favourites secure in the knowledge that these selections were not going down like a lead balloon!

We were very pleased to receive this testimonial on our guestbook today

Thank you and the rest of TBQ for a wonderful evening of music. Everyone was very impressed with the repertoire and with the breaking of tradition to play more modern requests during dinner. We will book again for another Dinner Night in the Future.

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