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Sunday at Rhinefield House

We seem to have played at Rhinefield House rather a lot this year, which is great as it is one of our favourite venues. That driveway!

We entertained at the wedding of Louise and her hubby on Sunday – playing during the ceremony itself (where the bride entered to Pachelbel’s Canon, had Jason Mraz’s I’m Yours and Stevie Wonder’s Signed Sealed Delivered in the signing, and walked out to The Beatles All You Need Is Love). We then moved outside and set up under the two umbrellas Rhinefield House had placed for us, and played a selection of popular tunes.

We have recently got an arrangement of Arcade Fire’s Crown of Love, one or Ruth’s favourites, and so we decided to give this a go despite thinking that not many would recognise it. We were pleased to get a short applause from some appreciative bystanders who are obviously Arcade Fire fans too! That’s the nice thing about the range of stuff we play – hopefully there is something in there for everyone!

While we had our coffee break (thanks for the scones Ruth!) Amy took a quick sneaky panoramic picture of the view from the string quartet!

A String Quartet's View

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