What wedding music should you choose

What music should you choose?

We are often asked, “what wedding music should you choose at a wedding”?

We have one simple (or not so simple) answer to this. Choose a piece that has some meaning to you. Regardless of what it is, something that you love, and that you know you like. In fact, we’ve read some blogs and wedding articles that can be quite snobbish about what wedding music should you choose

We say, don’t worry about what has been done at other weddings.

If you like a piece of music, go for it!


5 thoughts on “What wedding music should you choose

  1. I agree it should be something personal. There were so many beautiful pieces to choose from but I wanted something different for you to play at my wedding at Alton house hotel back in August. So happy I chose Armaggedon soundtrack ‘I don’t want to miss a thing’ and you guys played it wonderfully. Hit the nerve with me – I was a wreck 🙂 thank you for making my day so special. Only wished I had booked a videographer for the day so I could have watched it back and listened to you play through my reception!

  2. I am getting married in the summer but we are having a lovely garden party ceremony and reception. No church. So it’s quite tough deciding own what music to come in to for such a relaxed affair etc… Ultimately, I like it live.
    As a musician myself I know that you don’t actually have that long when entering and arriving at the alter, groom, registrar so live always works best as it can be as short as need be… However, what do I choose?
    I really love James Morrisons ‘You make it real’ so maybe I’ll have a mess around with that to see how I can arrange it… Then ask my sister and guitarist friend (very nicely) to perform it maybe?
    I’d also love something a little bit Aretha/Gospell inspired. Must get out Ms Franklins greatest hits for rummage…. 🙂

    1. Hi Amba, thanks for your comment!
      Aw that is a lovely song, You Make It Real. Asking friends is always a lovely personal touch – and yes, you can never quite predict how long you will need – depending on how long your ‘aisle’ is, or how slowly you walk down the aisle!
      Good luck with your wedding planning x

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