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Our crew.

Hi, we are Amy, Anna, Ruth and Sophie! We met in Portsmouth when playing together c.2007. Our natural love for all things classical meets pop meant we were soon regularly booked as The Bossard Quartet to perform at weddings, receptions, military events and parties. We have played all around Hampshire, Dorset, Surrey and West Sussex together. We started arranging our own popular take on music which we particularly enjoy. Our love of fun playing and energy can surprise guests of all ages,  as many people have enjoyed listening to their favourite songs covered by string quartet !


We'd also like to thank the following fabulous players

Deborah Gatland

Marian Givens

Lis Peskett

Veronica Sprott

Patricia Spodzieja

Emma Sharrock

Emma Clarke

Sarah Wormell 

Marelize De Beurs 

Emma Pritchard

Hannah Schofield

Rachel Barnes 

Kirstie Robertson 

Cerys Emmett

Amanda Berry 

Kelly-Jo Peters

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