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String Quartet Hire for a Dinner Party

Last night we were out playing at a special dinner party. Stephen had got in touch with us just one week previously, asking whether he could have a string quartet hire for a dinner party. As it was for a Thursday evening we were happily able to fulfil this last minute request.

Stephen explained that he was having a dinner party for a group of friends who all cook for one another throughout the year. It sounded like a lot of fun, and we were happy to go along. We were greeted enthusiastically and we set up in the garden to play for the drinks before dinner. We played a range of film themes and well known classics. We enjoyed seeing the fantastic catering Stephen had organised, complete with customised polo shirts for the caterers. It was a little on the chilly side, but we soldiered on, powered by the tea provided for us. Thank you!

The garden was lovely – living down the road from Hilliers must have rubbed off – and we enjoyed playing in such lovely surroundings.

Thank you for booking us. It’s always good fun to take our string quartet music straight into people’s homes and perform for private functions. Do get in touch if you want to arrange an event with something a little different – a live string quartet right in your living room!

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