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What Does A String Quartet Need At An Event?

We often get asked the question, ‘What Does A String Quartet Need At An Event?’ Compared to function bands, which have lengthy set-up times and lots of equipment, we REALLY don’t need much.


That’s why booking acoustic live musicians for your wedding is such a great idea, with minimal faff.

So, in a nutshell….

We like to keep things simple for people who book us. We know they’ve got enough to worry about with other details of their event.

All we need are

  1. Four chairs (with no arms)

  2. Soft drinks (although we don’t need soft drinks if we are playing just for the wedding ceremony and its lead-up, we wouldn’t want to be slurping our drinks through the vows!)

And that’s it! Oh, and some shade (see previous blog post here) if we’re playing outside.

That’s really it.

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