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What happens to the music when brides get to the end of the aisle?

The Bossard Quartet have played at so many weddings, and yet one question that often gets asked is ‘What happens to the music when brides get to the end of the aisle?’


We’ve seen all kinds of aisle entrances, fast, slow, emotional, happy, reluctantly shy, confident – but one thing is the same, the music is the one thing you don’t need to worry about!

The moment a bride walks down the aisle is a big deal for most brides. We love sharing in that moment and providing music. We often get some anxious questions from brides

  1. What happens to the music when brides get to the end of the aisle?

  2. Do we just cut off abruptly?

  3. Do we keep playing until the end of the song?

  4. What if the song is really long and they end up just standing there like lemons?

We’ve got lots of practice now at judging how to end pieces of music when required. Rest assured we won’t leave you a) stranded up the aisle b) waiting impatiently for the music to stop at the end of the aisle so you can get on and do the deed.

Before your ceremony, we usually have a discussion about suitable places to end the piece. It may be that we all agree to amend the music to create a final cadence in agreed ‘stopping points’, and if the bride has not arrived at the end of the aisle we would continue to the next ‘stopping point’.

So long as we can see the end of the aisle (or at least one of us can), we can give the nod to one another to finish playing at the next stopping point. This might be 8 bars away sometimes – so there may be 10-20 seconds once you’ve got to the end of the aisle to wait for the music to stop.

Don’t Worry!

Either way, please do not worry about the music for your walk down the aisle – we are there for you and will keep playing for as long as you need, or end gracefully if you can’t wait any longer and decide to leg it up the aisle!!

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