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60th Birthday Party String Quartet

We recently surprised someone on their 60th Birthday Party by turning up in their garden!


Cliff got in touch with us and asked us to play in the garden for his wife’s 60th birthday. They were having friends and family round for drinks and nibbles in the garden on a gloriously sunny September afternoon.

When we arrived, the party was already in full swing, with plenty of people milling about the house and in the garden. The birthday girl was enjoying a good chat with some friends under the gazebo in the garden.

Amazingly, we managed to sneak in and set up in the garden without her noticing. We’re not sure how we managed that – she must have been very engrossed in conversation and had her back to us. So, when we burst in with our first piece (I could have danced all night from My Fair Lady), she turned around in utter amazement. To see the surprise on her face was priceless, she could barely believe that a string quartet had turned up in her garden!

We entertained with a selection of show tunes to please this theatrically minded group, and there was plenty of singing along from a crowd who knew all of the words!

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