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Southampton Hospital Radio Recordings

As you may have seen from one of our previous posts, we recently shared a concert with the West End Singers (read our blog entry here) at Thornden Hall in Eastleigh.

This concert was broadcast live on Southampton Hospital Radio. The Southampton Hospital Radio team were there on the night, giving us advice on microphone positioning to get the best balance for our instruments. They recorded the whole concert.


A bit of info about the Hospital Radio

Serving the Southampton General and Princess Anne Hospitals, the hospital radio provide patient entertainment 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. You can request a song for a patient by emailing them here

Southampton Hospital Broadcasting Association exists to bring comfort and entertainment to patients in Southampton region hospitals:

  1. Helping to keep them in touch with relatives and friends by delivering messages and playing their favourite records;

  2. Visiting patients and playing their favourite records on air (send us a request for someone you know in hospital);

  3. Providing patients with live coverage of football and cricket games in Southampton;

  4. Providing patients with live coverage of selected concerts;

  5. Providing a variety of programmes including music, spoken word and comedy;

  6. Providing regualar local/national and international news bulletins;

  7. Providing this service 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

They broadcast to patients in:

  1. Southampton General Hospital

  2. Princess Anne Hospital

  3. Royal South Hampshire Hospital


During the interval, they invited us backstage to have a sneaky preview of what some our recordings sounded like from the concert. We were so pleased with the quality of the live recordings, that we asked if it would be possible to get copies of the recordings.

We’d like to say a huge huge thankyou to Jan Dale of Southampton Hospital Radio to going to the effort of providing us with a full CD of the concert, and making a tracklisting and very professional looking CD cover for us!

We have put some of those recordings on our website to give people an even better idea of the types of repertoire we play. If you want to hear us play any of the following new tracks, get yourself over to our listen page now!

Lullaby of Birdland -George Shearing arranged by Jack Long

Moon River – Mancini arranged by Jack Long

Ragtime Dance – Joplin arranged by Thorp

Brandenburg Concerto No.3 First Movement – J.S Bach arranged Latham

Bohemiam Rhapsody – Freddie Mercury

Plink Plank Plunk – Leroy Anderson

Feeling Good – A. Newley arranged Anna Pring

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