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Love Actually – All You Need Is Love (with Choir)

We had a lovely time  at the wedding on Steve and Jennifer at the Old Thorn’s Hotel in Liphook , Hampshire.

A week before the wedding, Steve secretly got in touch with me, and said that he was planning a big surprise for Jennifer for the end of the ceremony. They’d requested The Beatles All You Need Is Love, for their ‘walking out’ music, and Steve told me he’d booked a choir, The Urban Vocal Group, as a surprise to come and sing it instead!

We realised that this was too good an opportunity to not try and play something together. So, despite the incredibly short notice, Amba from the UVG and Amy from TBQ had a good chat about combining the arrangements we have to create a lovely version akin to the one you see in Love Actually.

On the day, it worked perfectly. We kicked it off with a bit of the French National Anthem, which is how the song starts, and then choir surprised everyone (they’d snuck in the back) when they started singing ! It was a great moment.

We’d planned to film it on our trusty Go Pro. However, the Go Pro turned out to be not so trusty this time and ran out of battery seconds into the performance. You’ll have to take our word for it, that it was brilliant! This video captures the first 20 seconds or so..

Furthermore, this was the first time ever that the audience all stayed seated at the end and listened to the whole performance of the song and then clapped.

Well done quartet and choir!

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