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TBQ Jukebox

Want to know how to involve your guests in the live music ? Want something to really make people talk about your event ? We have the perfect solution ; TBQ Jukebox. This is a novel way to ensure your guests get to hear the music they’d like.


TBQ Jukebox is our innovative approach to helping our clients get the best experience from booking a live string quartet. We don’t want to be thought of as the quartet in the corner just playing old repertoire that nobody wants to listen to.

Not us!

We have designed the perfect solution – a Jukebox function. That’s right. Guests get to browse our huge repertoire list, and select from it what they would like us to play.

It’s that simple!

We provide you with an easy to print document containing our repertoire. We also give you an easy, ready to cut out sheet of request slips. Guests can fill these out and drop them in our little request bag.It’s great fun!

We love it because we know that what we are playing has been chosen by our audience. We love it because the selection is often very eclectic. We love it because guests select things that we might not have thought to play.

We love TBQ Jukebox because guests love it. 

If you are thinking about booking us and are unsure about what music to select for your booking, take the stress out it.

Let your guests choose. 

TBQ Jukebox
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