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8 Creative Ways to Use A String Quartet At Your Wedding

We have enjoyed all of the different requests we’ve received over the years. From custom arrangements to incorporating other instrumentation, we’ve seen a lot of different requests from brides and grooms. Here are 8 Creative Ways to Use A String Quartet At Your Wedding

1. Customised Arrangements 

Match of the Day

We can  arrange our own music, exactly how you would like it. For example, one couple were big football fans and asked us to arrange a ‘Wedding March Match of the Day Mash-Up’, so we did! Our arrangement incorporated key themes from both pieces of music and merged them together. We also recently did a bridal entrance that began with the ominous Jaws theme, which then morphed into Pachelbel’s Canon.

2. Wandering Minstrels

Creative Ways to Use A String Quartet At Your Wedding

One bride was keen to have a folksy element to her wedding, and enquired as to whether we could do a walking folk ensemble to accompany her from the church to the wedding reception venue, which was just a short walk away. We were pleased to obliged. Amy ditched her violin for a guitar, Sophie ditched her cello for a tambourine, and Debs played some fantastic folk fiddle and we walked with them from church to venue

3. Accompanying Singers / Other Instrumentalists 

Perhaps you have a friend who is keen to make a musical contribution to your wedding? We have in the past worked with friends of the couple to play a piece together. For example, we have accompanied a singer singing ‘Jesu Joy Of Man’s Desiring’ , we have written string arrangements to accompany a groom’s brother’s rendition of Green Day’s Time Of Your Life, and we have accompanied a flautist friend of the bride to play Elgar’s Chanson de Matin.

4. Different Instrumentation 


We normally play as a quartet, but from time to time, couples are keen to have a slightly different instrumentation involved if it’s something they are particularly keen on. For example, we have recently done a Guitar / Violin duet of Extreme’s “More than Words” to walk the bride down the aisle, before reverting back to string quartet. We can also incorporate keyboard into our ensemble – please contact us with your ideas

5. Get the Guests To Choose Your Music 

TBQ Jukebox

We often do our very popular TBQ Jukebox where we have the guests browsing our extensive repertoire list, and completing request slips to tell US what to play.  Immensely popular, this is a surefire way to make sure your guests are engaging with the music and picking what they would like to hear.

6. A “Guess That Tune” Quiz 

We have been asked before to compile a ’10 tune quiz’ of excerpts from our popular arrangements and playing the first 10 seconds of each to try and get the guests to GUESS what we were playing. We loved this one, and it was a really fun way to get guests listening to our arrangements and figuring out which well known song it was.

7. Moving Us To Hard To Reach Venues 

Nymans Handcross String Quartet

We don’t need much equipement aside from our instruments, stands and music, so we are fairly portable. We’ve been seen on boats, golf buggies, ferries, cars  and hovercrafts..

8. We Can Serenade Your Special Moments 


As well as playing at the more traditional moments in a couple’s wedding, we have also played in more unusual circumstances. For example, the time a groom-to-be booked us to be a surprise in their hotel room for the moment he was to propose to his wife-to-be. (She said yes!)  

Love this list ! 8 ways to use a string quartet at your wedding!

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