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A glimpse of the future

We recently blogged about how we are looking forward to a quartet future of playing off tablets instead of using our quartet folders.

It’s great to see orchestras such as the Brussels Philharmonic be one of the first to experiment in this area. The more big orchestras give this a go, the more developments will get made to sheet music applications, and the sooner this software is easily accessible to the little people ie. small ensembles around the world, like us!

Have a watch of this video!

I am interested to see that Samsung have provided the Brussels Philharmonic with tablets and software to trial this technology. They are using Samsung Galaxy Note 10.1’s according to The Android Police, and used Neoscores Music Software

I notice that this article does not touch on any of the potential pitfalls of using tablets in this way. I can think of a few!

Battery life – cutting out mid concert / crashing half way through a piece

not turning page quickly enough / or at all

But I love the idea of being able to do one thing on one tablet, syncing and then the amendments to the music appear on all the other tablets linked to that device.

One day, the quartet WILL be playing off four tablets that are synced and working in perfect harmony (excuse the pun!)

We are watching developments in this area very closely!!

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