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BACP Research Conference 2016

On Friday night we went over to Brighton as we had been invited to perform at the BACP Research Conference at the Holiday Inn. BACP is the British Association for Counselling and Pschotherapy and every years hosts its annual conference in different cities around the UK. This is a chance for counselling professionals to get together and share ideas, thoughts and case studies. The conference runs across two days and has a huge programme of talks and presentations.

We were to provide some light entertainment for after the delegates had their meal. We arrived, set up, plugged our instruments in Anna’s Bose Speaker, and prepared to play. The conference organisers did the TBQ Jukebox, where people can look at our repertoire list and select what they’d like to play. Lots of people had already completed their ‘request slips’ and we had a full bag of slips to work our way through by the time we set up ready to play!

BACP Research Conference

We kicked off with Coldplay’s Viva La Vida and worked our way through lots of different repertoire requests. Our personal highlights were Amy Winehouse’s Rehab, which we thought was kind of relevant to the theme of the event, and also Coldplay’s Fix You. 

Thank you to BACP for booking us and we hope we made a great contribution to an excellent conference!

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