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String Quartet Live At The King Street Tavern

It’s not everyday you get to see a String Quartet at The King Street Tavern, in Southsea. Last night we entertained an audience at this lovely pub. We were delighted to be welcomed back by Sam and Nathalie and the team at the KST. We have played there several times before over the years and always enjoy the relaxed atmosphere that you can find there.

In keeping with the lovely ambience of the pub, we’d invested in 4 sets of battery operated fairy lights for our gig at the Kings Street Tavern. We loved the twinkles on our stand as we played. We will be making these a feature of our appearances for weddings and other events in future wherever we can!

We asked our audience to select what we play this time by doing the famous TBQ Jukebox, a simple system whereby the audience can browse the repertoire list and select the songs we play. We enjoyed playing selections such as : Game Of Thrones Theme, Skyfall, Cantina Band, Theme from Up, Stand By Me, Sweet Disposition, The Verve: Lucky Man. 


We kicked off the evening with a piece we can rarely play at weddings, although it’s a GREAT arrangement of a cracking song – Elbow’s Grounds For Divorce. 

Thank you to our followers who came to enjoy an evening of string quartet, great food and lovely drinks. We hope you enjoy our photos from the event, and at the bottom of this page, a rendition from the evening of Adele’s Skyfall

See you next time!

[responsive_youtube Fn1IctQQIpk]

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