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Our debut of “TBQ Jukebox” – a novel approach to repertoire selection

We were delighted to be asked to play at a 40th birthday party recently. In fact, it was a joint birthday party for father and son who were both reaching ‘significant’ milestones. A great day for the Taggert family and the first time we used our TBQ Jukebox


It was a real family affair and we set up to play at the Southern Yacht Club in Hamble. A lovely venue right on the sea (obviously) surrounded by boats and yachts. We were quite surprised to see there were well over 100 guests at this joint birthday party (so many friends!) so we resolved between us to try and play as loudly as possible.

This was the first booking we have done where we have offered the TBQ Jukebox service. This is where guests see a list of our repertoire, and complete our ‘Request Slips’ and pass them to us. These had been printed out and one given to each guest as part of the table layout for dinner.

We were excited to see what guests were requesting and waited in anticipation of our first request slips. None were forthcoming, and despite the fact that we could see people looking in curiosity at our request slips, none were delivered to us. So we self-selected a few tunes to get them started.

Still, no requests from anyone, and by this point we were a little perplexed. Were these guests particularly shy?

5 minutes later, a waiter from the yacht club came over and said ‘I’ve collected a bunch of request slips, should I give them to you?’ We said ‘YES!!!’ and he brought them over. There were well in excess of 70 different requests that guests had completed. Lesson to us, make it clear on the request sheet that in order for their request to be fulfilled, they should bring the request slip over to us and leave it on the floor near one of chairs (if we are playing)!

So we enjoyed reading the requests from the guests and we set about working our way through them. Unfortunately we didn’t get to play all 70 (that really would have taken several hours) so we hope nobody was disappointed.

TBQ Jukebox
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