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How many years have you been playing your instrument?

Since I was 6  – so a few years now (but I obviously can’t be revealing exactly how many!). Started on a tiny violin, and didn’t pick up a bow for about a year – perhaps this is why I love playing pizzicato so much – we’ve got an entire piece that is played pizzicato (Plink Plank Plunk)

What is your favourite piece for your instrument?

I have always liked Saint Saens Introduction and Rondo Capriccioso in A minor for violin and piano since I was a teenager. Saying that though, I can’t play it as it is fiendishly difficult. I also still enjoy the Cezar Franck Violin Sonata, one I learnt when I was back at school. Czardas is also good (and did you know that one of the Lady Gaga pieces starts with the Czardas for added drama?)

What other instruments do you play?

I am lucky enough to have a digital piano (with volume control) at home for me to tinker with, and also a collection of acoustic guitars. Including an acoustic bass which is quite fun to play with. Living in a terraced house means all of our instruments need to be quite quiet! I also dabble in a bit of ukulele with friends from time to time. They know who they are!

What is your favourite wedding venue The Bossard Quartet have played at?

I really liked Avington Park when we played there a couple of years ago – a lovely conservatory for weddings. I also like the Royal Marines Museum in Portsmouth – because this is very close to my house!

Aside from music what are your other interests?

I play badminton each Tuesday reasonably competently , like running (a bit, although I am in denial – but we all ran the Great South Run last year, so we’re all keen runners!). I am interested in retail and technology marketing (love trying out new ways of promoting the quartet), I love cooking, especially curries, and eating them too. Also, going on holiday is a big part of my life. When is the next one?!

If you could choose one piece from The Bossard Quartet’s repertoire that is your favourite, what would it be?

That’s tricky – it is often whatever is newest as I look forward to playing it again. I do like Anna’s arrangement of ELO’s Mr Blue Sky – one of my favourite songs and all four of us get a fun bit to play. 

If you could choose one piece from The Bossard Quartet’s repertoire that you wish we played more, what would it be?

Nirvana – Smells Like Teen Spirit – but it’s not always appropriate to play at weddings, I guess.. although saying that, it has proven quite popular as a request via TBQ Jukebox

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