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Southsea Bandstand

We enjoyed playing at Southsea Bandstand on Sunday 1st July 2012 with the amazing Freestyle Funk Collective. Following our debit with FFC the previous evening at the Jolly Sailor (see blog post) we were ready and excited to play in the full collective.

What was the line up I hear you ask?

A huge collective of talented players joining forces! Three vocalists, keys, bass, bongos, drums, electric guitar, four string players (yours truly) and 4 brass players. Wow!

For anyone who was down there, you will know that it was a hugely windy day! We were lucky that the event was not called off due to poor weather, so we were happy to play, but we did have to get a bit inventive with wind prevention measures!

The sound guys at the Bandstand had the genius idea of gaffa taping rocks to the bottom of the stands to stop them blowing over, and then the even more genius (and effective) idea of gaffa taping the stand legs to the floor. This seemed to work!

We spent an enjoyable 45 minutes entertaining the Southsea crowd in front of the seafront. Thanks to all who came down to watch!

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