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TBQ Photoshoot

We are often so busy dashing from one event to another that we don’t have the time to stop and take any photographs. However, after a recent wedding at Lainston House we got James, Amy’s husband, to come along and take some photographs of us after playing at a wedding. We didn’t take long, just a few pictures of us messing around being silly as usual, but we thought they came out rather nicely and represent our style as a quartet.

Our aim is to provide a friendly, fun string quartet for weddings. We are happy playing serious Bach, and we are also very happy playing Lady Gaga, Ed Sheeran or Nirvana. We consider everything and anything, and enjoy receiving requests from our brides and grooms. Some recent favourites include:

Playing the bridal entrance as the Jaws theme which then morphs into Pachelbel’s Canon

Arranging a ‘mash-up’ of The Wedding March which then turns into ‘Match of the Day’

Playing Extreme’s ‘More Than Words’ as a violin and guitar duo

Anyway, enjoy the photos and a quick plug to Worthy Photography 🙂




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