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The String Quartet music from Bridgerton

If you are a fan of Netflix’s Bridgerton you will have noticed the fantastic background music that is present in many scenes. String quartet renditions of banging tunes, bringing a touch of modernity to the classical arrangement of a string quartet.

We have good news, The Bossard Quartet have been providing music like this at weddings in Hampshire, Surrey, West Sussex and Dorset for over 15 years (not to brag, but we like to think we got there first Netflix.)

People choose us to accompany their events for the precise reason that everyone has loved the musical style in Bridgerton. You can build your own soundtrack to your day, classical versions of your favourite songs, arranged by us and designed to create intimate, romantic and fun moments for your event.

We have all of the Bridgerton hits available in our repertoire : Billie Eilish Bad Guy, Ariana Grande Thank you, next Maroon Five Girls Like You, Madonna Material Girl, Rihanna Diamonds , Harry Styles Sign Of The Times, Miley Cyrus Wrecking Ball, Shawn Mendes In My Blood, Taylor Swift Wildest Dreams and… if it is not a step too far, we also have the Bridgerton Theme Tune itself.

Head over to our listen page to enjoy some of our favourites, and check out our ENORMOUS repertoire list to see if you favourite is in there.

If it’s not, don’t worry, we can make it available for you!

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