Violas Ascendant

This post is a big shout out to Ruth who is playing as part of the Festival Of Chichester with a group entitled, Violas Ascendant. This is a concert featuring an ensemble of violas – a rarity and something that should not be missed!

The Viola, the first instrument of the violin family to evolve, is often hard to hear, with its rich tones buries in the centre of the Quartet or Orchestra..

Violas Ascendant offers Viola music which is serious, romantic, entertain and our in the open.

Violas Ascendant in association with the Friends of St. John’s Chapel – featuring works by Teleman, Leclair, York Bowen, Jerome Kern and Bizet.

You can get tickets from the Chichester Festival website here:

Or check out the Facebook page for the event

Violas Ascendant appear at St John’s Chapel on 2nd July 7.30pm. Tickets are £10 with concessions at £8.

One thought on “Violas Ascendant

  1. I was so sorry to miss your Chichester concert, and hope it went well and that you had a good audience.
    I compose and arrange for all groups of instruments, principally for cello ensemble, but I also write/arrange for viola ensemble. Styles range from baroque to a jazzy swing! I must keep an eye on your diary, and I hope to get to your next concert! Good luck to all of you!
    Patsy Gritton

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