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What can’t you ask a string quartet to play?

Have you seen our string quartet repertoire ? We’ve sometimes wondered what can’t you ask a string quartet to play?  Well here’s our answer!


We’ve been scratching our heads over this one. We’re pretty versatile and like to think there is nothing that we can’t adapt for string quartet. I mean, we’ve got Nirvana and AC/DC (yes, really) and Lady Gaga which might surprise some people. I guess the only thing we couldn’t really pull off is some rap / RnB which don’t have much tune in the instrumental part.

What can’t you ask a string quartet to play?

Well, we certainly can’t play if we don’t have our instruments like in this photo!

We can also play most classical music if we can get the parts for it. Although if you are looking for a quartet to do a version of the Bruch Violin Concerto Movement III we might need to consider whether this is achievable (hardest violin concerto!)

We also do folk, jazz, Bollywood, blues, rock, pop – we have a lot of fun playing different styles of music.

Just let us know what you might want, run some ideas past us and we truly believe anything is possible !

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