WarriorFest 2017

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We are delighted to announce that we’ll be playing onboard HMS Warrior for the annual ‘WarriorFest 2017′

Hosted by the Staggeringly Good Brewery, the event promises to be a lot of fun, and where better to enjoy a pint of real ale than on board the Warrior.

Apparently, there’ll be loads of breweries on board, but naturally we think the highlight will be the entertainment – we’ll be playing some of our cool string quartet repertoire in the evening, so don’t miss it!

The facebook events page is here

WarriorFest 2017

We hear that tickets may sadly already be sold out…. but that means it promises to be a great night!

Blurb from the Facebook page says :

BEER…DINOSAURS…PIRATES!!! The tri-factor of awesome! That’s right Staggeringly Good Brewery are bringing together the 3 greatest things ever to have existed on earth and putting them on a massive warship! HMS Warrior in Portsmouth.

WarriorFest will be a beer festival like no other. A spectacular event with up to 450 people set free to explore Portsmouth’s most prestigious landmark with a pint in their hand and a shanty in their heart.

Many of the UK’s best breweries will be present (full list available soon) bringing their delicious ales plus there will be live music and a great selection of food.

Tickets are sure to go fast so what are you waiting for? Make sure you book your place at ‘Portsmouth’s Palate-Pleasing-Paleo-Pirate-Party’ and prepare for one of the most awesome nights in the Summer Calendar!

Grrr Arrrrgh Me Hearties!