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Hampshire History – where Florence Nightingale was laid to rest

On Saturday’s Wedding, we played for the wedding of Pete & Becky. We played at St Margarets Church in East Wellow, the burial place of Florence Nightingale. This is a beautiful old church tucked away between Southampton and Romsey, and a real delight to play in. The vicar and staff were very lovely to us, and one member of staff got quite excited at the idea of having us along to play some Viennese Walzes in the summer, yes please!!

We played Pachelbel for the bridal entrance, Love Theme from Romeo & Juliet (Tchaikovsky) followed by the Blue Danube (Strauss) for the signing, and Beethoven Minuet in G for the exit. Some different classical choices this time, and a pleasure for us to play. We were sat right beneath where the bell ringers do their thing, so we had to make a swift exit in order to let the bells ring!

We then drove quickly (but safely) across to Chilworth Manor where we set up in the bar area and awaited the arrival of all the guests. Hopefully they were pleased to see us again!

We entertained the guests and noticed their toes tapping particularly when we played Star Wars Cantina Band, Sigur Ros Hopipolla and Owl City Fireflies.

We had a special request for this wedding. The Groom’s brother got in touch with us and explained that he would like to sing Greenday’s Good Riddance (Time of your life) and could we accompany him? We said, yes, certainly! So a quick write up in Sibelius of the string parts ensued, and without any rehearsal we concocted between us our very own version of Greenday for the happy couple. We hope they were pleased. We’re a versatile group so we’re quite happy to go along with this kind of adventure, and it keeps us on our toes too!

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