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Q&A : Esther at Clock Barn, Hampshire

We spoke to Esther shortly before her wedding at the ever beautiful Clock Barn and this is what she had to say

Your Wedding Venue: The Clock Barn

Wedding Date: 15/10/18

Why did you choose your wedding venue?:

Look / feel Food Complete package offered

At what point did you realise you wanted a string quartet?: Before anything else – seen the philharmonic concert orchestra twice this year

Pick three words that sum up how you feel about your wedding day: Excited !!!!!

Why have you chosen your music to walk down the aisle to (if we are playing for this part):  Classic piece – moving – pretty

Any musical background yourselves?: Not since childhood

Who is your photographer?: Lydia Stamps

Who is doing your flowers?: Sophie Anderson – withwildabandon

Where is your dress from ? : Proposals Witney

If you are having any readings, who is giving them?: Poem – written by and given by ele Hucklesby. Child’s storey about pea soup, then a sum up of what marriage and love it by Stephen Atkinson

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