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Rhinefield on a sunny afternoon

We had the pleasure of playing at our first wedding of 2012 yesterday! It is quite unusual for us to get to late March before doing our first wedding, but it did not disappoint. The weather was spectacular yesterday!

Rhinefield House was looking stunning against the backdrop of a blue sky and green trees. We played for the wedding of Michael and Tamara, and provided the music for their ceremony. We got to play up in the Minstrel’s Gallery again in Rhinefield House (Sophie’s fave spot). We’re quite tucked away up there, out of sight but hopefully not out of mind!

We then moved out onto the terrace for the drinks reception. This is where Michael & Tamara must really have been counting their blessings, for the weather was simply perfect for them. I got a bit confused at one point, surely it wasn’t still March?

A Hot Place to sit at Rhinefield, but where have the string quartet gone?!

We entertained for a couple of hours in the sunshine, and the guests used the TBQ Jukebox facility and asked for a few interesting requests! Requests made yesterday were: Nirvana, Smells Like Teen Spirit (fresh in our memories from Sunday’s efforts at the King Street Tavern), Lady Gaga, Bittersweet Symphony, Coldplay Viva La Vida, Happy Days, Sigur Ros Hoppipolla, The Kinks Sunny Afternoon (apt!), Jose Gonzalez Heartbeats.

The only downside to having such beautiful weather was that there is no shade for us at Rhinefield House, so we had to scurry indoors at frequent intervals to cool our instruments down. The wood gets very hot in the direct sunshine and it’s simply not good (read more here). Today I have emailed Rhinefield House to request that they invest in a decent sized parasol out in the garden. We play there so often it is shame for us to consider that we may not be able to play outside in the summer. I await their response with anticipation!

The view from the Second Violin spot!

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