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Rivervale Barn

Hampshire String Quartet The Bossard Quartet played at Rivervale Barn for a beautiful wedding

We love a good barn! There are some great barns that have been converted into stunning wedding venues, and Rivervale Barn is one that we have come to know and love this year. Rivervale Barn is a new barn opened for weddings in June 2009 after a labour of love renovation from the owner. A new barn might not float your boat at first if you are more into the idea of having an old barn with character. However, we were really impressed with the job they’ve done at Rivervale of creating a barn with a warm, inviting ambiance. The space is so well proportioned for a wedding (I guess, having been specifically designed for that purpose it makes sense!) with beautiful lighting.

We enjoyed the fact that they have a balcony in the ceremony room that we can play in – this keeps us out of the way of the guests but still visible – and our music floats off the balcony and down into the ceremony room.

We played at the wedding of Becky & Dan’s earlier this year, and Lindsay’s in August too. We can’t wait to go back there!

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