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String Quartet at Stansted Park

The Bossard Quartet were booked to provide their string quartet at Stansted Park at the wedding of Ellie and Michael. Read about how this lovely couple picked something quite different, in the form of a folk fiddle processional from the house down to the chapel.


We love playing our music for string quartet at Stansted Park. It’s a fabulously grand wedding venue with a beautiful view. We also love the chance to stop off at the tea rooms for a cup of coffee before or after our playing. We were back at Stansted Park for Ellie & Michael’s wedding and we were delighted to fulfil their dreams of a folky wedding processional.

Ellie & Michael had their official wedding ceremony performed by the registrars from Hampshire County Council at Stansted Park. For this , they had picked some lovely music.

Entrance of the Bride : Cindi Lauper True Colours Signing of the Register : Thinking Out Loud Ed Sheeran, and Hoppipolla by Sigur Ros Exit of the Bride And Groom : The Gael Folk Song (Or The Kiss from Last of the Mohicans, as it’s also known)

Debs then lept up and put her figurative folk hat on, and off she went leading the congregation out the door and down to the chapel. It was a great sight to see – nearly 100 people in their finest clothes, following our Debs along and out down the gravel driveway.

String Quartet at Stansted Park

The rest of us sat and enjoyed a cup of tea in the lovely Stansted Park and awaited the return of the guests. We then played a great selection from our repertoire for the drinks reception.

Ellie & Michael were so lucky with the weather – there was no rain, which considering the last few weeks, was a miracle!

Many congratulations for a fabulous wedding day!

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