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TBQ collaborate with FFC

Wow that’s a lot of acronyms!

What does it mean? This weekend we had the pleasure of playing not once, but twice with the amazing Freestyle Funk Collective! (Well, three times if you count the rehearsal!) For those not in the know, FFC are a talented funk band based in Portsmouth (and available for public and private bookings, pubs, weddings, corporate events, you name it, plug plug)

Some time ago, Dan from FFC came up with the idea of collaborating with us – joining forces to create a huge 16 piece band (thoughts are currently around calling it the Freestyle Funkharmonic Orchestra or such-like!) and we thought, why the heck not!

So, armed with some headways and DI boxes we played with FFC on Saturday night at the Jolly Sailor in Southsea (our viola player managed to go to the wrong Jolly Sailor, in Burseldon. I’m sure there’s a viola-player joke in there somewhere, I just can’t think what…) We enjoyed playing tunes such as Respect, September, Lady Marmalade, All Night Long and Car Wash. Seventies Tunes rocK!

A big thanks to the FFC for inviting us to play with them – we enjoyed it immensely on the Saturday night. See the blog soon for next entry about our mahoosive ensemble we created for the Southsea Bandstand today!

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