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Tithe Barn Petersfield

We love the Tithe Barn Petersfield. This is a really good example of using a barn as a wedding venue. It’s in immaculate condition and has quite a ‘churchy’ feel to it for a barn (so if you don’t fancy getting married in a real church, perhaps this is the next best thing!)


We played at Louise’ wedding at the Tithe Barn Petersfield this summer. Their day got off to a bright start and the ceremony was lovely. But by the end of the ceremony the rain clouds had appeared, and never before have we seen such rain on a wedding day! We had to dash out of the barn across to the marquee where the drinks were being held while the barn was being changed around. The poor ladies in their heels I felt sorry for as the grass got soggier and soggier.The rain did have one advantage of keeping everyone in the same place (usually people often wander off around the venue during the drinks reception) to enjoy some of our music. There was a great, festive atmosphere as everyone huddled together in the marquee awaiting the end of the rain!

Tithe Barn Petersfield

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