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A Folk Trio at Portchester Castle

We played at a wedding with a difference in Portchester recently. The bride and groom are local to Portchester, and were getting married at the gorgeous church at Portchester Castle. They came to us with an unusual request, but one which we responded to with gusto! They wanted to be led by musicians playing folk music as they walked from the church back to their home on Castle Street, with all of their guests in tow.

Fortunately we had the wonderful Debs Gatland booked for this wedding – Debs played with the fun, folk band The Courtiers and is very talented on the folk fiddle. We decided that the logistics of having a string quartet walk together were not very easy. So, we decided that Amy would ditch her violin in favour of a guitar, and that Sophie would ditch her Cello in favour of a Tamborine! Patricia on viola got the lucky task of waiting back at the house with all of our gear for our arrival with the guests.

We played one of the Courtiers’ excellent pieces, a three piece medley of Johnny Boyle, Jerry’s Beavers Hat and Dunmore Lasses. You can watch the Courtiers playing it on You Tube at the bottom of this page.

We met the bride and groom at the gate to the Church after they’d all thrown confetti and proceeded to walk back to the house. At the house was a beautiful garden marquee which was decorated with all sorted of stunning things – and a lovely looking cheese tower at the end of the room. My pictures on my mobile phone don’t really do it justice and I bet the photographer had a great time taking pictures of all of the beautiful bits and pieces in the marquee.

Enjoy the photos from what was a gig with a difference!

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