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A String Quartet Quiz onboard HMS Warrior

We enjoyed playing at the wedding of Christine and her beau on Saturday, onboard HMS Warrior. We were really looking forward to this wedding, as Christine had asked us to do something quite unique – a String Quartet Quiz of tunes for their guests to play ‘name that tune’ during the wedding meal. We embraced this idea with gusto, and together compiled a list of 10 pieces where we would just play the first few bars and then leave the guests to guess the tune.

We enjoyed this game immensely, and hope the guests did too…   We think this is a great way to get your guests engaging in the music on your wedding day. Well done to Christine for thinking of the idea, it is something we will be suggesting to people in the future!

We set up just before 5pm to play for the ceremony, where the bride entered to Haydn’s Serenade, we played a custom arrangement of The Smiths’ There is a light that will never go out, and Sting’s Fields of Gold. The couple exited the ceremony to the sounds of Howard Shore’s Concerning Hobbits from Lord Of The Rings, which seemed perfectly apt given the Lord Of The Rings themed cake on display on the gun deck.

Lord Of THe Rings Wedding Cake

After the ceremony, we moved upstairs to the top deck (thank you kind HMS Warrior men who helped us with our gear up and down those stairs!) and played a selection of tunes for the guests to enjoy. We like this vid of us taken while we were playing The Kinks’ Sunny Afternoon. 

We then moved back downstairs to set up for the meal time, then took a quick break and a bite to eat. Once the bride & groom had entered for the meal, we did TBQ Jukebox, where guests completed slips of paper for requests from our repertoire. We enjoyed requests such as Nirvana’s Smells Like Teen Spirit, Led Zeppelin’s Stairway To Heaven, My Fair Lady’s I Could Have Danced, Elton John’s Your Song. 

String Quartet Quiz

Then it was quiz time, which was great fun!

All in all, a top wedding and a lovely couple. Thank you for booking TBQ !


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