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Alex D’est Hoare

Those beady eyed TBQ fans will notice that we used to have some recordings on our website from Alex D’Este Hoare. We need to re-instate those back onto our website as they got lost when we reshuffled some things around on our ‘listen’ page.

Alex is a singer-songwriter from Brighton who pops back to his parents’ house in Hampshire every now and then to record some of his latest compositions. Sophie and Amy have enjoyed a number of Sunday afternoons recording some string parts to accompany his songs. Alex has got a really great ear and style, lovely guitar picking and close-to-the-mic vocals. Very chilled.

Alex is quite a shy soul and insists that he is not in it for fame and fortune, just the satisfaction of producing his own tracks. But we are waiting for that call one day, “I’ve been asked to headline at Glastonbury” and when that happens, we’ll be there!

Check out Alex on his MySpace (remember that?) page here

There is also a You Tube video with a selection of Alex’s compositions – we feature on some of these.

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