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Customer Testimonial – Farbridge Barn

Delighted to receive this email today from Kat:

A massive apologies for not writing sooner – please dont think I’ve been putting it off, but with the honeymoon (a month) and getting back into the swing of things ive found myself nearly 2 months being married and not having got back in touch! You guys played for our wedding at Farbridge Barn on the 26th September (this email address has probably changed now I have changed my name incase you dont know it!) and it was fabulous. Unfortunately we didnt get much of a chance to thank you on the day as we were here there and everywhere but it was very much noticed on how well you all played and the music choices that went down. Firstly I wanted to a say a big thanks for the music played during the ceremony, it was spot on and I suddenly panicked when I realised I had only requested the Jurassic Park music whilst signing the register and it was taking longer than I thought. But you guys flipped the papers and started on All I Ask Of You from Phantom – couldnt have picked a better piece! I love that tune so much and my mum was very happy about that too (dont worry – i didnt take the credit for choosing it!). The weather was brilliant so we were able to spend a lot of time outside, and I really enjoyed some of the modern tunes played then, Jamie particularly loved Coldplay as he’s a big fan. During the meal we’re so glad we decided to ask you to stay for the meal, it was really nice to have live music. My mum was also incredibly happy about the rendition of the Jeeves and Wooster tune – she didnt know it could be such a diverse set of music! It was a fabulous day, I hope you enjoyed it as well (and you were fed and watered).
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