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Getting some feedback after the day so we can tailor our performance for future bookings…

We all enjoy playing at weddings, but it’s always lovely when a guest takes the time to tell

us how much they enjoyed our music, or to make a request.

Often the bride and groom are so busy welcoming  all their guests that they don’t get time to talk to us.

We don’t mind  – it’s an  intense day,  getting round all  your guests, let alone the musicians.

Most brides and grooms do take the time to write to us afterwards, though, or sign our guestbook on our website to let us know how much our music meant to them.

We’re very proud of our guestbook, as all the entries are written directly by the couple. Reading it through gives me the impression that everyone we play for is really pleased with our music and service. It’s important for us to know that we’re doing a good job.

 Long live romance!

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