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Hurst Castle

Have you ever taken a trip down to Keyhaven in the New Forest and walked along the spit out the Hurst Castle? If not, you should! It’s an interesting, slightly spooky old Henry VIII castle which was used during WW2 to protect the Solent from enemy ships.


It’s a fabulous day out on a sunny day, and TBQ have learnt recently that brides and grooms can also have their wedding reception in the impressive surroundings of Hurst Castle.

We were booked to play during reception drinks for Amy and Phil’s wedding in June. Now, this is no ordinary wedding reception, with the bride and groom and all guests having to travel out to the castle by small ferry. The 1km walk along the stony spit is no mean feat in wedding garb!

So we happily packed all our instruments, music and stands into a small fishing boat, cheerfully driven by the Hurst Castle Boatman, and enjoyed a sunny boat ride out to the castle. !

We think we made for quite a spectacle getting the cello on and off the boat, but we were delighted by the help and assistance we got given by the Hurst staff. Thank you

We enjoyed playing in the courtyard at Hurst, while Amy & Phil’s guests enjoyed the finest views on the Solent from the tower with our music in the background. A memorable day for all!

Hurst Castle
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