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Lainston House String Quartet

A beautiful day with the Lainston House string quartet

On Saturday we were booked to play at the North / Lantigua wedding at Lainston House near Winchester. We’ve been at Lainston House before plenty of times, as well as plenty of other venues near Winchester, but some of us hadn’t yet experienced the delight at playing out in the garden.

This bride and groom sounded like they’d enjoyed (or put up) a long distance relationship for sometime. The groom is American. They had already tied the knot legally in the States. Today’s wedding was more of a blessing for their UK friends & family, although there were also plenty of people from stateside in attendance too.

The grounds of the house looked stunning in the sunshine (what a sunny day it was). We couldn’t resist taking some pictures to share on the blog. We found ourselves a conveniently located tree to sit under and enjoy the wedding from the unique perspective of the Lainston House string quartet.

We particularly admired the Bose L1 amplication system Lainston House were using to make sure the ceremony could be heard by everyone. We have one of these for quartet events that require a bit of extra sound. They are great!

We played:

Pachelbel’s Canon , Bach Joy of Jesu Man’s desiring and Beatles All You Need Is Love at the key points of the ceremony

Lainston House String Quartet
Lainston House String Quartet

The view from the viola seat

Chilling before the ceremony

We also did an inpromptu recording of Goo Goo Dolls Iris for Adam. He is thinking of booking us for his wedding next year. Adam had wondered if it would be possible to hear it and as we don’t have a recording of us playing it yet, we thought this would give him an idea! The recording is a bit viola / cello heavy due to the positioning of the mobile on the ground by the viola and cello stands! I was quite pleased with the somewhat arty sun flare on the music stand, and the lovely blue Winchester sky! 🙂

Have a watch on the link below

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