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Mr and Mrs Hill – Balmer Lawn Wedding

Your married name: Jemma Hill

How did you meet one another?: at a friend’s 30th birthday drinks

Tell us about the proposal: very romantic! at the top of a mountain in Alta, Norway and while the northern lights were showing, he got down on one knee in the snow in the freezing cold and asked “would you share half your stuff with me?”

Why did you choose your wedding venue? Tell us what you loved about it: beautiful grounds and multiple rooms so there was food, fun, party and a resting space or area for the kids.

At what point did you decide you’d like a string quartet?: at the beginning but had to talk him into it – the foot went down and he loved it on the day as did everyone else. i won! thank you 🙂

Did you have any concerns about having a string quartet?: no, only the weather

What have your guests since said about The Bossard Quartet since your wedding?: everyone loved it – very classy and some surprised how much they enjoyed the classical pieces and how many they recognized.

Bossard Quartet

Tell us about your other wedding suppliers – who was your photographer? Who did the flowers? Your evening entertainment?: photographer was Mark Cachia, videographer was Elegance Films, florist was Kay at Pomp & Petals, evening DJ was Eclipse Mobile Disco

What advice would you give to others who are planning a wedding?: have a videographer because the day flies by in a blur and try to find some time to yourselves to just sit back and enjoy

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