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Private Wedding Party with a Commission your own Flyover

If you are lucky enough to live in a fantastic home with a large garden and views over Chichester Harbour, then you’d be silly not to make use of this location to host your very own Private Wedding Party!


Well a Private Wedding Party is exactly what one couple did. After a church ceremony, all the guests enjoyed drinks in the back garden of the bride’s house. It was just about sunny enough for people to mill about outside without needing to take shelter in the enormous marquee that had been put up for the wedding breakfast later.

We were happily playing away in the garden, when to our surprise we found that guests had been distracted by something which was somewhat louder than the noise we were making. A flypast of 2 old airplanes! We assumed this was something that had been arranged by the bride and groom, and not just a random airshow. Either way, it was a fantastic display and really lent something special to the day. Everyone was buzzing after that!

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