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Q&A : Clare & Derren at Goodwood House

Read on for a Q&A with Clare, who recently booked The Bossard Quartet for their wedding at Goodwood House in April 2017.

Your married name: Clare Jennings

How did you meet one another?: Online

Tell us about the proposal: A regular Thursday night – thought we were just going out for dinner. Little did I know Derren had booked the exact table in the restaurant where we first met.

Why did you choose your wedding venue? Tell us what you loved about it: We chose Goodwood House as we are Festival of Speed fans and have been to the event together on a few occasions – so the location meant something to us. In addition, Goodwood House is just such a fantastic venue – we loved the history of the House and the customer service was second to none. The setting was perfect for the type of wedding we wanted – traditional, elegant and sophisticated.

At what point did you decide you’d like a string quartet?: When we visited the House – and went inside. It just lent itself to a quartet – especially the balcony in the Main Hall.

Did you have any concerns about having a string quartet?: None

What have your guests since said about The Bossard Quartet since your wedding?: They you were fantastic – the perfect choice for the House. They loved the music and recognised many tunes.

Tell us about your other wedding suppliers – who was your photographer? Who did the flowers? Your evening entertainment?: I knew a lot of our suppliers – I wanted to use people i know, or have worked with. Photographer: Adrian Feltham, Cake: Rachel Lyons, Flowers: Nia Bradley Hobbs (LuvShiftingFlowers), Evening: Freestyle Funk Collective (I know Russ)

Freestyle Funk Collective

Freestyle Funk Collective

What advice would you give to others who are planning a wedding?: Enjoy it! Use reliable suppliers who come recommended to you, or who you know. Use a trusted venue who host weddings – they know what to do and, if they are good, will guide you along the way. Have a budget and don’t sweat about the small stuff – focus on what is important to you and people will remember: the food, the drink, the entertainment and the venue – they will forget everything else….oh and maybe the dress!

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