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Rhinefield House String Quartet

Rhinefield House Outside Ceremony

Rhinefield House. It was a SWELTERING day, it was so hot, and the couple had chosen to have their wedding ceremony outside at the bottom of the beautiful gardens, with the amazing backdrop of Rhinefield House to look at. We have done some weddings outside at Rhinefield House before, and we love it! It looks so pretty when it is all made ready for a ceremony. Beautiful crisp white chairs, over-sized candles and floral arrangements in bowls, it really did look spectacular.

A big thank you to the staff member who came and brought down a gazebo for us to sit under to protect our instruments (and us) from the intense sunshine. We felt a bit sorry for the couple’s family and friends who had no such luxury and sat in the sunshine for an hour. It feels wrong to complain about the weather when we do get it, though. I am sure everyone was appreciating the sunshine!

Rhinefield House Outside Ceremony 3

previously at the Master Builder’s Hotel, and we remembered one another.

During the signing of the register, Camilla had requested a special piece, an Oboe Concerto by Allessandro Marcello. We were told that it was a family favourite. I’m guessing there is a (former?) oboeist in the family somewhere? We were more than happy to source the music for string quartet so that we could play this for the family on such a special day.

The bride and groom exited the ceremony to Mendelssohn’s Wedding March.

We then moved back up towards the house, and the staff kindly moved our gazebo with us too. We set ourselves up on the grass, grabbed a cold drink, and swiftly began playing again. There were some special requests so we worked our way through those while the bride & groom were still in the vicinity of us. We played Sweet Home Alabama, Champagne Supernova, Tom Petty Free Fallin’, Hotel California, Temper Trap Sweet Disposition. 

Rhinefield House Outside Ceremony 2

Many congratulations on a beautiful day, and thank you for booking The Bossard String Quartet!

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