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Spinnaker Tower Wedding

Hampshire string quartet The Bossard Quartet played at the iconic Portsmouth venue for the Spinnaker Tower wedding of Michelle and Peter.


Michelle and Peter were very much a couple doing things their own way. They’d picked to have a Spinnaker Tower wedding as they’d once lived in Portsmouth and wanted to return to the city of happy memories for them. They had also been together for 30 years, not the shortest of engagements, and had finally picked this year and spot as the time and place to make their commitment in front of their family and friends.

The Spinnaker Tower was looking absolutely glorious as their wedding was to be held at 5pm. The sun was setting as the guests arrived and it was a pure, clear day. Simply the best weather conditions for Michelle and Peter , as it was absolutely spectacular to see the views across the Solent.

Spinnaker Tower Wedding

Music Choices

Entrance of the Bride – Hoppipolla : Sigur Ros 

Signing of the Register – Muse : Starlight and PM’s Theme from Love Actually 

Exit Music – Mendelssohn : Wedding March

As well as having a traditional ceremony with registrars from Portsmouth Registry Office in attendance, Michelle and Peter also had a sand ceremony , s symbolic ceremony to bless the union. By blending the sand from two vases into one unity vase, this represented the union of Michelle and Peter. A lovely idea, and an emotional one for the pair and their family.

Before their Spinnaker Tower wedding we asked Michelle a few questions about their wedding, and why they’d picked the Spinnaker Tower.


Your Wedding Venue: Spinnaker Tower

Wedding Date: 27.12.17

Why did you choose your wedding venue?: After 30 years together, we wanted to choose a venue that was special to us both. We spent much of our first few years together in Portsmouth so it is ice to return.

At what point did you realise you wanted a string quartet?: A couple of months in to planning.

Pick three words that sum up how you feel about your wedding day: Excited Nervous Happy

Why have you chosen your music to walk down the aisle to (if we are playing for this part): Because it reminds me of my Dad who sadly died 3 years ago. (We played Sigur Ros – Hoppipolla)

Tell us an interesting story about you as a couple – (i.e. how you met, how you got engaged, funny tale that we should know about): We got engaged 30 years ago this Xmas Eve and have been together nearly 31 years.

Any musical background yourselves?: No

Who is your photographer?: Alisha Gray

Who is doing your flowers?: Flowers at Tiffany

Where is your dress from ? : Burton on Trent

If you are having any readings, who is giving them?: Our daughter – Jessica Findlay and our friend Victoria Clowes

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